Making Progress through Research

We believe that progress can be made by asking the right questions. To carry out this task efficiently, we need to transform those questions into well-defined problems. This is our corner where we share what's on our mind.

White papers, yellow papers, beige papers, blue papers .... a colorful era, indeed. We are not yuuge on all these color-'isms' as they come and often fade away in the presence of rigor, but what we strive for is that which stays and survives: preprints and publications — peer-reviewed publications.

List of Publications

  • A Combinatorial-Probabilistic Analysis of Bitcoin Attacks

    Using Wilf-Zeilberger algorithmic proof theory, we continue pioneering work of Meni Rosenfeld (followed up by interesting work by Cyril Grunspan and Ricardo Perez-Marco) and study the probability and duration of successful bitcoin attacks, but using an equivalent, and much more congenial, formulation as a certain two-phase soccer match.

    06.12.2018 LINK TO PUBLICATION